Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

The “Hey! Follow Our Blog” Contest Winner! November 1, 2013

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At the start of this school year, we announced a blog contest asking participants, parents, teachers, and staff to follow the KKatMac Blog. There have been several additions to the list of followers!  We even extended the contest until November 1st to allow for more last-minute additions.  Well, November 1st is here…

The winner of the “HEY! Follow Our Blog” Contest is ……………..”” Congratulations!  You are the first winner of our first ever blog contest!  You can pick up your prize from KKatMac on Monday!  Just comment below to let us know your “secret identity”….(though I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out).


ATTENTION NON-WINNERS!  🙂 We will have more KKatMac Blog Contests throughout the school year, so FOLLOW OUR BLOG! and stay tuned for YOUR chance to win a FABULOUS PRIZE like the one above!




November’s Upcoming Half Days and Days Off!

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Don’t forget!

There is no school on Tuesday November 5th for Election Day.  There is no school on Monday November 11th for Veteran’s Day.  There is no school on Thanksgiving (11/28) or on Black Friday (11/29). Please remember that when there is no school there is no Kids’ Korner either.  There are vacation day programs available for Election Day and Veteran’s Day.  Contact Amy Cardoza at the YMCA to sign up for either program.

There are also three half days this month (11/4, 11/18, and 11/27).  When there is a scheduled early dismissal, school is released at 1:15 pm.  Your child will come directly to Kids’ Korner.  We are open until 6 on scheduled Early Dismissal Days.  You can count on us….

Or you can count on your yucky witchy fingers.... bleh!

Or you can count on your yucky witchy fingers…. bleh!


This Week’s FUN FRIDAY Theme Announced! September 16, 2013

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There is actually a holiday called National Punch Day and we are

going to celebrate it, KKatMac style.

The dress up theme will be PARTY HATS!



Each child will be given a cone Party Hat at K.K.

Using a variety of arts and crafts materials, the children will decorate their party hats during KK.

The COOLEST CAPS (One boy/One Girl) will get a prize!



Our CATCH Nutrition activity will be concocting some

Fizzy, Frothy, Fruity Punch!




Supporting Student Success in Connecticut! March 26, 2013

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A major report released by the CT After School Network features several children from our Kids’ Korner After School Program and even Macdonough School principal, Jon Romeo.

See a copy of the report here: Supporting Student Success in CT.



Our After School Funding Threatened!

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Kids’ Korner Families and Fans!

1. The budget recommendations released 2/6/13 by Governor Malloy has eliminated the After School Grant Program – a $4.5 million cut. Now is the time to contact your state legislators and ask them to put the funding back in the budget.

2. March 7th was After School Day at the Capitol. We released our major report “Supporting Student Success in Connecticut”.

3. >Sign the Facebook petition “Don’t Cut After-School Funding for CT Children!”and ask others to sign on too!

4. Write emails and letters/Make phone calls to our legislators.  All Kids’ Korner at Macdonough families have received a packet of information from Melanie Carfora urging people to take action!

Your involvement CAN make a difference! 

Tell them how important the Kids’ Korner After School Program is to you! 

This funding allows us to offer After School Scholarship rates for our participants.

Kids' Korner Talent Show 2012

Kids’ Korner Talent Show 2012


Survey Reminder #2! March 25, 2013

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Don’t SLEEP on it! 

Get your K.K. Annual Surveys completed and handed back to us ASAP.  Your feedback and opinions are VERY IMPORTANT to us!



Bring Us Your Old Electronics! March 23, 2013

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KK at MAC needs your old/broken electronics and small appliances!

We have a donation box on site. We plan to break them apart to see how they work.  So far we have dissected Devonna’s first video camera, two old portable phones, a cell phone, and several computer keyboards.  The innards have been quite interesting.  And in the process, we learn how to use many different tools…the “right” way. After we’ve demolished, we fire up the glue guns for our Creation Station art project (s).

Our first art project: "Jayden, Jeremy, Bryson, and Hanibal"

Our first art project: “Jayden, Jeremy, Bryson, and Hannibal”

Making sure the children use the right tools for the job.

Learning the names and functions for the tools in our kit.