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Family Night: Kn-‘OWL’-edge is Power May 11, 2014

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On Wednesday April 23rd, Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School hosted the fourth Family Night Event of the 2013/2014 school year: Kn-‘OWL’-edge is Power Family Fun Night: A World Book Night Event with Sandbox Arts and A Hope for Raptors.

Family Night Flier

When our application for World Book Night was approved and our request for the book Hoot by Carl Hiaasen was accepted, plans for an owl-themed literacy event seemed like a great idea! We held our event on April 23rd, following our Afterschool program for the day. A group of our fifth grade participants assisted in setting up the room for the event beforehand. The first 25 families to arrive received the WBN copy of Hoot. The first 30 children who arrived were given a card-stock owl crown which boasted, “Look Whooo’s Great!” Each family was provided with a KIP Passport and an ink owl stamp to keep. Over a pizza and salad dinner, we explained to the families that they were going to travel around the cafeteria, completing a variety of owl-themed centers and challenges. Families were instructed to independently explore the centers and stamp the corresponding space on their passport as they completed each activity. We urged families to return their completed passports for a chance to win some owl-themed prizes that we had purchased (mugs, water bottles, stuffed animals, books, etc.). Each center featured a correlating FUN FACT about owls and a detailed explanation of the center’s activities, with explicit directions. Our WBN Kn-OWL-edge is Power Centers were as follows:

Family Night Dinner Family Night Dinner1

* World Book Night Welcome Center: Create a customized owl book mark for your new copy of Carl Hiaasen’s Hoot using provided bookmarks and colored pencils.

* “Owl” Do Some Math Center 1-“Create an Owl” Dice Game: Each roll of the dice earns a owl body part. Head, Wing, Talon, etc. A complete owl wins.

Family Night3

* “Owl” Do Some Math Center 2-“Color an Owl” Dice Game: Each roll of the dice earns another crayon color for a color-by-number owl picture provided. A complete owl wins.


* Super Science Center 1-Owl Puke: Owl Pellet Dissection Station, with bone charts and explanation sheets. Explore sterile owl pellets and decipher the bones within.

Family Night1 Family Night2

* Super Science Center 2-Owl Eyes: Owl Eyes-Spy Books and Eye-Spy Game to test visual acuity in comparison to an owl’s eyesight.


* ***Super Science Center 3-Owl Friends: Meet a REAL Owl (A Hope for Raptors, a raptor rescue organization with 2 live owls to share: One Barn Owl. One Great Horned Owl).

Famiy Night 6 Family Night7  Family Night Owls1Family Night-owls

* NEST-le Up in the Owl Book Nook: Choose from a variety of Owl-themed fiction and non-fiction picture books and completed a FAMILY MINI-REVIEW Book Report.


* “Owl” Make Some Music Center: Sing some Owl Finger-Puppet Plays and Songs with plastic owl finger puppets and take-home song sheets provided.

Family Night 4

* ***Sandbox Arts Movable Mural Art Center: Paint the Movable Mural with Sandbox Arts (a local art co-op that brings a large movable canvas to paint our owl theme upon). Follow the Owl/Knowledge is Power theme.

sandboxartsFamily Night Mural8 Family Night Owl Mural Family Night Owl Mural1 Family Night Owl Mural2 Family Night Owl Mural3

* Owl Arts and Crafts Center: Great Horned Owl Toilet Paper Roll Craft. Create an owl using recycled toilet paper tubes, designer paper cuts and craft eyes.

Photo0788 Photo0789

* Origami Owl Center: Owl Origami. Fold a square piece of paper into an origami owl using the take-home directions provided.

Family Night 8

* Barn Owl’s Dinner-A Literal Scavenger Hunt: Barn owls eat 12 mice a night. Spot the 12 mystery mice hidden around the room before the WBN Family Night is over.

* Owl Art Gallery: Famous Owl Art Pictures from around the world/history, set up behind the food station. Enjoy some artistic owl pictures.

* Owl Celebrity Search: Spot the 10 “famous” owls around the room from movies, television, books, and more (Woodsy, Hedwig, Jareth, Soren, and more).

* “Owl-ing” Photobooth: Pose for the camera based on the Internet sensation of “owling.” Though we aren’t sure if these are legit owl poses…

Family Night 9b Family Night 9c Family Night 9d Family Night 9e Family Night 9f Family NIght 9 Family NIght 9a

* Owl Ink: A Temporary Tattoo Parlor with owl-themed temporary tattoos.

Family NIght5

* EGG-stimation Station: Guess the number of chocolate eggs in a mason jar.  Congratulations Alyssa C. and Monica!

Our WBN event hosted 94 people, with 28 of our program’s families in attendance. It was our biggest Family Night Event turnout of the school year (of many years, actually). At the end of the night, every copy of Hoot was distributed. Each owl crown was atop a child’s head. Families were enthusiastically involved in the centers; thumbing through their free copies of Hoot, basking in the natural wonder of our live owl exhibit, painting an artistic owl rendering on the 8 foot mural, breaking apart owl pellets and marvelling over the interesting discoveries within.  A fun time was had by owl!


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