Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

What on Earth is a Silence Saver? March 13, 2014

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PM Kids’ Korner begins promptly at 3:25 p.m.  (sometimes at 1:15 p.m.).  When the children have checked in, they are expected to complete their jobs (bag on the bench, coat on the rack, name magnet moved, and sitting quietly for attendance).  Needless to say, after a long day of school, quiet execution of these tasks isn’t always the easiest expectation to meet. With the hullabaloo of dismissal we decided we needed to savour the silence.  To combat the urge to let loose upon entering Kids’ Korner territory, we have devised a list of SILENCE SAVERS for the children to focus on…

Silence Savers

Mold It Monday: Children receive a small container of Play-Doh and are encouraged to SCULPT an item of our choosing.

Toon It Tuesday:  Children receive a piece of scrap paper (Thanks Tara) and a crayon and are expected to DRAW the item from Mold It Monday.

Wordle Wednesday:  Children are given a sheet with several WORDLE puzzles based on the theme from Monday and Tuesday.

Think It Out Thursday:  Children are given a riddle or illusion to PONDER.

Freebie Friday: On Thursday, the children democratically decide which Silence Saver suits their interests.

Silence Savers are a privilege!  If the children are unable to follow the expectations of Check-In and Homework Time, they run the risk of losing the opportunity to Save the Silence…but who would want to miss out on that!?!?!



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