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“OWL” Be Responsible at Kids’ Korner! March 13, 2014

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“OWL” Be Responsible at Kids’ Korner!

We’ve re-purposed our Participant Owls and changed up our KKatMac Bulletin Board.  In the corner by our Peace Table, you will see our newest addition, the Job Tree (Great Job, Devonna).  It boasts, “OWL” Be Responsible at Kids’ Korner.

. JobChart2 JobChart3

Children have been assigned different roles at KKatMac.  Some examples are: “Swift Sweeper” or “Game Cabinet Cleaner” or “Peace Keeper” or “Circle Time Sheriff” to name a few.  The children are expected to meet the expectations of their roles (which are also included on the bulletin board) in order to earn their bi-weekly paycheck.  Not all children have been assigned for this first round.  They will have a job the next time.

JobChart1 JobChart4

Some children have expressed to us that they’d like to have a certain position for the entire year.  I think PHASE 2 of this project will be creating job applications that the children have to fill out to prove they are qualified.  I think PHASE 3 will be that they actually have to interview for the position if they if they want to be solidified in a particular role.



One Response to ““OWL” Be Responsible at Kids’ Korner!”

  1. Melanie Says:

    Love this idea. This is a great way to teach responsibility! So far the kids really seem to take pride in their jobs.

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