Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

Mardi Gras on Vendredi!?!? March 13, 2014

Filed under: Site Happenings — KK @ MacD @ 10:10 pm

Mardi Gras on Vendredi!?!?


Our Fun Friday theme for March 7th was Mardi Gras.  We asked the children to get decked out in the three Mardi Gras Colors: Purple, Gold, and Green!  FAT TUESDAY on Fun Friday it was indeed as we indulged in the leftover pizza from Family Night the night before.

Of course, in true CATCH fashion, we discussed if eating that much leftover pizza was a WHOA, SLOW, or GO…but we did it anyway!  Fat Tuesday (on Friday) only comes ONCE a year!



Do you know what the three colors stand for/why they are the symbolic colors of Mardi Gras?  The first COMMENT(er) on this post with the correct answer will receive a FABULOUS PRIZE!


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