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Family Night with SERC: Math and the Books Families Love March 13, 2014

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Family Night with SERC: Math and the Books Families Love

Despite the cruel winter weather postponing the original date of February 13th…on March 6th, KKatMac held our third Family Night Event of the 2013/2014 School Year.  This time we partnered with SERC (The State Educational Resource Center) to provide our participants and their families with a night chock-full of edu-taining mathematics experiences.  Twenty of our participants’ families were in attendance.

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The evening began with some dinner and socializing, where our families were able to meet the ladies from SERC that were facilitating the program; Paquita, Barbara and Ashley.  They provided the families with a passport that they could stamp at each of the math activities for the evening.

Family Night 5

During dinner, Paquita shared a story with us called, Alexander Who Used to Be Rich Last Sunday.  It was a book which explored the mathematical topic of money and making change.  Paquita modelled the proper way to read books to children with open ended questions, to provide parents with ideas for when they are sharing books with mathematical concepts.




After pizza, salad, and some snacks, it was time for the Mathematical Mayhem to begin.  The SERC crew had set to work before Family Night started, preparing a variety of independent Math Stations for the families to explore.  A Book Nook, which included several Kids’ Korner books that have a mathematical theme were available in the back of the room for anyone interested in some light reading.

Family Night 7 Family Night 6Family NIght2Family Night 9i

The were active stations, which included estimating how many times you could spin a hula hoop.

Family Night 8 Family Night 9

There was an estimation station, where the children could guess how many candies or gum balls were inside different containers.

Family Night 9b

There was a station where children and families could create geometric shapes using pipe cleaners and straws.

Famiy Night 9e

The children were very excited about the Pattern Station, where they were able to create beaded jewelery for themselves and their parents.  Some parents were excited to create some jewelry patterns themselves.

Family Night 9d

A weighing station allowed children to make predictions about the weight of items, including if they would be equal, heavier, or lighter.

family Night 9f

One station featured a variety of well-known games that we never considered to be MATH games.  They were so much fun, we never noticed.

Family NIght 9c

There were several more stations, including measurement, graphs with M & Ms and much much more.  But the most well-liked area of the room had to be the Cook With a Book Cafe.  The side of the cafeteria was remodeled (Thanks to our friends in the Macdonough Family Resource Center who provided us with the necessary furniture) to look like a restaurant and kitchen.

Family Night 3 Family Night1

SERC provided us with menus and food and the children LOVED being in charge of the restaurant; cooking the food, serving it and charging their families to eat (making change in the register).

Family Night 9g Family Night 9h

Thank you to the Macdonough School Library for providing us with 19 books that had a mathematical theme that decorated the “Cook With a Book Cafe.”  The children and parents were made aware that if they are interested in any of the books, they can be taken out during library time in school.

Family Night 9a

But wait, there’s more…

SERC was so kind as to provide us with further materials and resources, so that our parents could continue the math fun at home!  Every family was provided with their own resource folder filled with worksheets, book lists, and suggestions. This was our first ever Math-Themed Family Night Event and we are thankful that Paquita and Barbara from SERC were able to join us!  Thank you to all the families that attended.  We hope you enjoyed the mathematical fun!

Family Night 4

Our next Family Night Event will be held on Wednesday April 23rd in celebration of World Book Night.


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