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A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

February’s Independent Learning Centers February 10, 2014

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The monthly themes for February are African Americans, Heart-Healthy Kids, Caring and Self Esteem. Here are the Independent Learning Centers that are available to the children at Kids’ Korner during the month of February!

Math Centers:

“It’s February 2014!”

The Math Monday Center focuses on subtraction of numbers with a thousands-place. Seeing as it is Black History Month, we have made laminated cards with several important dates in African American History.  The children are to subtract the year of each event from the current year, 2014 to see how many years ago each event occurred. There are also calculators at the center, so the children can learn to use that technology to get the answer quicker.  Some notable dates included are Barack Obama’s Presidential Campaign, Martin Luther King Jr.’s famous “I Have a Dream” speech, and the invention of the Cotton Gin.


“Conversation Heart Categorizing!”

The Sorting Station’s Yellow Wheel has an all-new sorting challenge.  Because it is February and Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, we have filled the wheel with several colors of Conversation Hearts.  So obviously, they can be sorted by color.  But, each heart has a different saying on it.  Some sayings are commands.  Some sayings are statements.  Some are questions.  Some are exclamations.  If the children are up for the challenge, they can sort the hearts by what kind of conversation is on them.  The truly adventurous can do both!


Super Science Center:

“Heart Healthy: Whoa! Slow! Go!”

Because the month of February focuses so much on having a heart, we decided to make our Science Center focus on hearts to, being heart-healthy that is.  The Super Science Board has a game with red, yellow, and green heart cut-outs.  Children have to look at the foods provided and decide if the foods are Whoa!/Red (foods that you shouldn’t eat all the time), Slow!/Yellow (foods that are okay some of the time), and Go!/Green (foods that are good ALL the time.

Photo0686 Photo0687

“Five Fun Facts:  Be Heart Smart!”

There is also a center available so the the children can learn all of the parts of the human heart.  There is a diagram of the human heart available and five fun facts about the human circulatory system to share.


Multi-cultural Centers:

“Presidents of the United States of America”

Because Presidents’ Day is in February, we have a learning center about presidents of the past and our current president, Barack Obama.  There is a large map of the United States available at this center along with a poster of all the past presidents so the children can find what state each president came from.  There is an informational poster about our current president as well as books with presidential themes.


“Famous African American Memory”

Since it is Black History Month, we have provided an African American version of Memory for the children to play.  There are over 20 famous African American cards that the children can match.  Each card tells briefly of the individuals’ contributions to the world.

Photo0683 Photo0684

Literacy Centers:


The Writing Prompt for February asks children to identify their personal hero/heroes and to tell why they consider them to be so.


“Creation Station: Caring Cards!”

The Creation Station Challenge for this month is to create a Valentine Card for a Macdonough Staff member that is caring.  Congratulations to Isaiah in 5th Grade for winning last month’s challenge!  Isaiah got some fancy pens and day-glo erasers from the prize box to continue his creativity at home!

Photo0689 Photo0690

“Book Nook!”

Our theme-based reading center is focusing on Africa, African Americans, US Presidents, and Valentines Day.  A variety of books are available so the children can further explore the monthly themes independently.



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