Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

Martian Mix-Up for First Fun Friday! January 13, 2014

Filed under: Site Happenings — KK @ MacD @ 7:31 pm

The first FUN FRIDAY of the new year was celebrated with a Martian Mix Up.  The kids were asked to wear green, like little men (and women) from Mars.  It was kindof short notice though and only a few remembered to dress up.  They ALL got a prize!


For CATCH Nutrition we made Edible Alien Antennae, using celery sticks and neufchatel cheese (which is 1/3 the fat of regular cream cheese BTW).  Some children who claimed to dislike celery were convinced otherwise once they tried this tasty treat.


IMG_1870 IMG_1872 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878

Next Fun Friday is “The Neptune Blues.”

We are asking the children to dress in all blues.

For CATCH Nutrition we will be making an Intergalactic Snack.


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