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January FUN FRIDAY Dress Up Themes! January 13, 2014

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January FUN FRIDAY Dress Up Themes!


January 3: Wear your PJs.  No School! Snow Day Y’all!

January 10: “Martian Mix Up!”Wear Green!

January 17: “The Neptune Blues!” Wear Blue!

January: 24: “Fortune Cookie Friday!” Wear Beige and Brown.

January 31: “Happy Chinese New Year!” Wear Red!


KidzLit with Miss Morello Gets Artsy!

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Children had a chance to draw their favorite part of a book shared by Miss Morello.  Here are some of their creations:


IMG_1798 IMG_1800 IMG_1804 IMG_1806


Martian Mix-Up for First Fun Friday!

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The first FUN FRIDAY of the new year was celebrated with a Martian Mix Up.  The kids were asked to wear green, like little men (and women) from Mars.  It was kindof short notice though and only a few remembered to dress up.  They ALL got a prize!


For CATCH Nutrition we made Edible Alien Antennae, using celery sticks and neufchatel cheese (which is 1/3 the fat of regular cream cheese BTW).  Some children who claimed to dislike celery were convinced otherwise once they tried this tasty treat.


IMG_1870 IMG_1872 IMG_1876 IMG_1877 IMG_1878

Next Fun Friday is “The Neptune Blues.”

We are asking the children to dress in all blues.

For CATCH Nutrition we will be making an Intergalactic Snack.


January’s Themed Learning Centers!

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January’s Themed Centers!

This month we will be learning about Our Solar System and Outer Space.  Our multi-cultural theme is Asia and Asian Americans which is convenient because of the upcoming Chinese New Year holiday on January 31st.  Our social skill focus for this month is Coping.  The  Independent Learning Centers are available during Homework Enrichment Time, when children have completed their homework and are also available during free-play times throughout the program day.

Math Center: Sorting Station

Photo0634 Photo0635

The Sorting Station is sporting a plethora of 2D planetary pieces.  Colorful Counting Chips can be sorted in the YELLOW SORTING WHEEL by color singularly or in groups by primary, secondary, and tertiary colors.

Math Center: “Mother Earth Mathematics”


At the Mother Earth Mathematics Center, the children can do a variety of math problems independently with information about the heavenly bodies in our solar system.  There are questions about rotations and revolutions of planets around the sun as compared to our planet.  Paper and pencils are available for these intricate math problems.  On the other side, there is a place mat that depicts our solar system along with 3D models of each planet, that are to scale with the size of the actual planets.  There are a variety of “Greater Than” and “Less Than” questions to accompany the reference materials.  If you’d like to try the problems at home, here they are:

Photo0637 Photo0638

The first child to complete all of the Math Problems and bring Miss Chae the answers will receive an INTERGALACTIC INCENTIVE!

Super Science: “Seeing Stars!”


The Super Science Station this month combines Astronomy and Astrology.  There is a constellation chart place mat at the center, along with pictorial representations of the Zodiac Signs that can be seen in our night sky.  The children are being challenged to figure out their own Zodiac Sign (based on their birth-date) and then to locate their star sign on the Constellation Chart.




Also available on the Super Science Center table are instructions on how to view a Magic Eye 3D illusion that has an Outer Space theme.  This picture has many layers and depth if you are able to view it correctly.  Can you see the Magic Eye illusion?  Come try!

Super Science: “Saturn’s Rings-An Inertia Challenge”

Photo0640  Photo0655

At the Science Center Table, there is a fun Physics experiment that teaches us about Newton’s Law of Motion.  At this center, children must balance one of “Saturn’s Rings” over the mouth of a soda bottle.  On top of the ring, they place a small heavy object, like a penny or a hex nut.  The challenge is to hit the ring in such a way that the object falls directly into the bottle.  It isn’t as easy as it looks, but there is a special way to make it work every time.  Stop by for a try.

Literacy is For Me Center: Themed Book Nook


Our Themed Book Nook is full of books that explore the Universe and teach about Asian Culture.  The children are reading and sharing these books during Homework Time and free time.  Children are also bringing the books to our other centers and reading about what they have learned at the Learning Centers.

Literacy is For Me Center: Creation Station Challenges

Photo0652  Photo0654 Photo0653

The Creation Station Challenges for this month have been displayed.  One challenge is a Writing Prompt about travelling with space aliens.  The other is to create a diagrammed picture of an alien space ship and alien creatures.  Children can put their entries into the YELLOW CREATION STATION BUCKET and one winner will be picked at the end of the month!

Multicultural Center: “Year of the Horse”


In conjunction with our Super Science “Seeing Stars” center, we have a Chinese Zodiac Center.  Children can use the years provided to figure out what their Chinese Sign is.  Children are encouraged to see how their Astrological Star Sign and their Chinese Star Sign are similar and different.  Here are the traits of the Chinese Zodiac Signs:

Photo0647 Photo0648

Multicultural Center: “Five Fun Facts about Chopsticks”


At this Multicultural Center, there are pairs of chopsticks and small star-shaped beads.  The children can try their hand at using chopsticks to pick up the small beads and place them back into the bowl.  Also at this center is a list of five “fun facts” about chopsticks that they may or may not have known.

Photo0650 Photo0651

Themes for February are Arts and Entertainment, Africa and African Americans, and Caring.


Children’s Heart Foundation Thanks KKatMac!

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In a past school year, we organized a fund-raising event for the Children’s Heart Foundation.  It was a “Bop to the Beat Dance-a-Thon” with our Hip Hop Aerobics Instructor, Josh.  With the help of program parents, Macdonough teachers and staff, and a local Girl Scout Troop, we raised $100!

Below you can see that we received this letter of thanks from the Children’s Heart Foundation!


To learn more about the Children’s Heart Foundation, check out their website at


“Moon and Munch”- A Satellite Science Project! January 6, 2014

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Moon and Munch- A Satellite Science Project!

Today the children participated in a mini-science project exploring the phases of Earth’s moon.  Using separated Oreo cookies, a paper plate and a butter knife, the children sculpted their own edible satellite cycles.  When we completed our lesson, we were able to eat up our moon cycles!  Who knew SCIENCE could be so SCRUMPTIOUS?

Photo0628 Photo0629 Photo0630


Amazing Grace Service Learning Project!

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On December 20th, a group of our Kids’ Korner children walked to the Amazing Grace Food Pantry to drop off some holiday cheer.


Thank you to all of the families who donated to our Warm and Fuzzy Donation Station at the Family Night Event.  The children created custom tags for each of the donations. We had over 20 items to donate!!

IMG_1365 IMG_1368

We also created magazine Christmas trees and covered them in glitz and glam to deliver to families to brighten their holiday home!  This project was also an UPCYCLING project that made use of old magazines that would have otherwise ended up in the trash!

IMG_1266 IMG_1270