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December 2013’s Academic Enrichment Centers! December 13, 2013

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December 2013 Enrichment Centers!

During PM Kids’ Korner, we provide Academic Enrichment Centers that the children can independently explore. These centers are available to the children after they complete their homework and during times designated as “free play” during the day.  We always have a Math Center, a Super Science Station, a Sorting Station, a Creation Station Challenge, and a variety of Literacy Activities and Books to fit the monthly theme.  The Centers change monthly (sometimes weekly) to match our monthly themes or what the children are learning in their classrooms.  Below are the Enrichment Centers for the month of December:

 Math Monday: “Santa’s Sack: An ARRAY of Gifts”


This Math Center focuses on multiplication using the ARRAY strategy that the children learn in their classroom. Obviously it is also a play on words, seeing as array means a variety. The children pick a multiplication problem to solve. There are colored-paper presents to apply to the grid. By using the x and y axis on the grid, the answer is easily solved.


Sorting Station: “The Teddy Bear Parade”


Our Yellow Sorting Wheel has made a quick transition from the Cornucopia Categorizing of Thanksgiving Fruits and Vegetables to sorting out Pere Noel’s Christmas Teddy Bears for good girls and boys by size, shape and color. There are a variety of ways to sort the counting bears at this center. Children can sort them in the Yellow Sorting Wheel or line them up to march right into Santa’s Sack.

Super Science Station: “What’s Inside Toys?”


Each day there will be a different type of toy or electronic device for your children to examine with a scientific eye and mind. This hands-on station allows your children to do what they can NOT do at home; break open their toys to look at what makes them work. There is also a book at the center for them to read that looks at the toys that we are not able to provide for the Enrichment Center.


Children can also use the scale to compare and contrast the weights of toy blocks. The children can explore the 3D shapes made of wood, try to name them, build with them, and weigh them using a balance.


Another mini-center boasts color paddles in primary colors as well as books describing rainbows in both English and Spanish. Children can use the primary color paddles to create secondary colors.


Creation Station Literacy and Art Center: “2013’s New Hot Toy!”

Photo0608 Photo0607

Children can create a poster or advertisement for what promises to be the must have toy of the 2013 Holiday Season. Children must give the toy a name and describe how it works and what it is used for to qualify for the December Creation Station Prize.  Congratulations to Madison who won the Creation Station Challenge for November!

Literacy: Reading Nook-Holiday Books and Winter/Cold

Weather Books in the Book Nook!


Our Reading Nook is full of books that celebrate the winter holidays. There are several Christmas and Hanukkah books, as well as books about playing in the snow and the wintry blustery weather we are facing this season. There are even books about Arctic and Antarctic regions of the world; non-fiction books about penguins and polar bears.


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