Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

S.U.R.F.S. at KKatMac! December 11, 2013

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To make the transition from the school day to the after school day easier, we have decided to incorporate Macdonough’s S.U.R.F.S. initiative into our Behavior Plan at Kids’ Korner.  Macdonough’s S.U.R.F.S. are celebrated monthly at a special S.U.R.F.S. Up! Assembly.

Here are what the letters stand for and the Y Pillars of Good Character with which they coincide:

  • S-Self: Responsibility (Y Pillar: Responsibility)
  • U-Understanding (Y Pillar: Caring)
  • R-Respect (Y Pillar: Respect)
  • F-Fairness (Y Pillar: Honesty)
  • S-Safety (Y Pillar: Safety)

A new bulletin board is now on display in the cafeteria that shows how the rules we follow in Kids’ Korner match both the S.U.R.F.S. behavior expectations and the Y’s Pillars of Good Character.  The board has been discussed and explained to the children as well.  Most were pretty interested (some surprised) to see the correlation with their school behavior expectations and the rules and expectations of Kids’ Korner.


We will be printing S.U.R.F.S. Cards for Kids’ Korner Participants who show us S.U.R.F.S. during After School.


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