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Banana Bonanza! for Fun Friday! November 8, 2013

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This FUN FRIDAY we celebrated by dressing in YELLOWS for a BANANA BONANZA!

Bbbrrring!  Bbbbrrring!  Hello, Bananaphone!

Bbbrrring! Bbbbrrring! Hello, Banana-phone!

As usual, we were greeted in the morning by some KK kids who REALLY committed to the dress up day theme and were yellow ALL DAY at school.  Even Mr. Romeo was dressed in yellow!!!!


Here is our group photo!


The CATCH Nutrition Activity focused on healthy choices AND some mathematics.  We made Banana Parfaits, using the fruit layered with graham crackers, and fat-free vanilla yogurt.  We discussed partitioning to make fractions (halves, thirds, and quarters depending on the food item).  We also discussed our Math n’ Munch Pattern Project where we made AB patterns and moved onto ABC patterns while layering our three ingredients!

Photo0527 Photo0525 Photo0524

We talked about Whoa, Slow, Go!  The kids decided that the parfaits are a GO! snack, as they contain fat-free dairy, fruits, and grains.  The response to the food project was overwhelmingly positive.  Several children said that they would rather make this snack at home than eat other fatty unhealthy options.


Next week’s FUN FRIDAY theme is: “Rollin’ in the Dough.”  The Dress-Up theme is GREENS and BROWNS (both of which are the colors of “dough.”  The CATCH Nutrition Activity will be home-made biscuits in honor of National Bread Day!



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  1. You went to work as a banana!!!??? That’s amazing!

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