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The “Hey! Follow Our Blog” Contest Winner! November 1, 2013

Filed under: Announcements! — KK @ MacD @ 8:46 pm


At the start of this school year, we announced a blog contest asking participants, parents, teachers, and staff to follow the KKatMac Blog. There have been several additions to the list of followers!  We even extended the contest until November 1st to allow for more last-minute additions.  Well, November 1st is here…

The winner of the “HEY! Follow Our Blog” Contest is ……………..”” Congratulations!  You are the first winner of our first ever blog contest!  You can pick up your prize from KKatMac on Monday!  Just comment below to let us know your “secret identity”….(though I’m pretty sure I’ve figured it out).


ATTENTION NON-WINNERS!  🙂 We will have more KKatMac Blog Contests throughout the school year, so FOLLOW OUR BLOG! and stay tuned for YOUR chance to win a FABULOUS PRIZE like the one above!




2 Responses to “The “Hey! Follow Our Blog” Contest Winner!”

  1. Karla Lutton Says:

    Yay!!!! Winner Winner Chicken Dinner!!! Rejoyce and Marionna will be so excited!

  2. Karla Lutton Says:

    Yay we Won!! Rejoyce and Marionna will be so excited.

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