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A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

Fun Friday: November 1st-Sugar Skull Celebration! November 1, 2013

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The day after Halloween is a celebrated one.  So this FUN FRIDAY we had a Sugar Skull Celebration!

The children dressed “COLORFULLY CREATIVE” in bright and vibrant colors to match the Sugar Skull decorations that are commonly used to decorate on this holiday!  We will announce the winners of the Dress Up Day on Monday’s Half Day, 11/4.


The CATCH Nutrition Activity was making “Day of the Dead Hands” using plastic gloves, organic popcorn with kettle corn seasoning, candy corns,  and some red ribbon.

 Photo0513  Photo0515

The children learned that popcorn is  a treat that you can use ALL FIVE of your senses to enjoy.  You can SEE it pop in the popper (which was donated to our site by Courtney.  Thanks, Courtney).  You can HEAR the oil sizzle and the kernels pop.  You can FEEL the hard kernel that turns into the soft popcorn.  You can SMELL the delicious aroma of the popping corn. And then you can finally TASTE it.  The children learned that the organic popped corn without butter and salt was a “GO” food, healthy enough to eat a lot.

Photo0516 Photo0517

Erin instructed the children how to put their “Day of the Dead Hands” together.  One candy corn was put into each finger and the rest was filled with the remaining popcorn.  The glove was tied with a red ribbon.



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