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Fun Friday 11/22: Parfait Perfection with Some Superb Stripes! November 27, 2013

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This FUN FRIDAY we wore our stripes and created a healthy “striped” dessert.

Here are our horizontals and verticals.


We created fruity parfaits, using no-fat vanilla yogurt, crumbled nilla wafers and sliced peaches (or pineapples).

Photo0554 Photo0555


KidzLit’s Fruit Turkeys with Miss Morello! November 26, 2013

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This past Thursday, the Youngers came downstairs from Miss Morello’s room with healthy treats that resembled Thanksgiving Tom Turkeys!  The Youngers visit Miss Morello’s room EVERY Thursday afternoon for KidzLit. Miss Morello shares a wonderful piece of children’s literature with the group and then they complete a project based upon themes in the book.  Seeing as Thanksgiving is just around the corner, this turkey project was an absolutely fruity gobblefest!!!!

IMG_0907 IMG_0908 IMG_0909 IMG_0912 IMG_0914 IMG_0916 IMG_0919 IMG_0922


November’s Enrichment Centers!

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As we say goodbye to November, we’ll also be saying good-bye to the academic enrichment centers for the month.

Our Sorting Station for November was called, “Cornucopia Categorizing.”  The yellow sorting wheel was supplied with a variety of delicious fruits that one may find in a Thanksgiving Center-piece. The children could categorize the cornucopia treats by shape and color.

Photo0557 Photo0556

Another enrichment center at our Mathematics Table was the game of Thanksgiving Meal Memory.  Children could turn over various pieces depicting Thanksgiving-themed pictures.  Each picture has a match.  Just like the classic game of Memory, children could try to make matches of Pilgrims, Native Americans, Pumpkin Pies, Roasted Turkeys, LIVE Turkeys, Indian Corn on the Cob and more.

Photo0559 Photo0558

The third enrichment center at our Mathematics Table was Feather- Plucking Subtraction.  We chose SUBTRACTION for our Math Monday Center, because the best part of Thanksgiving is obviously the LEFTOVERS!  Children were provided with Subtraction Flashcards, Paper Turkey Cut-outs, and Craft Feathers.  With these items they could feather and pluck their turkeys, learning subtraction facts in the process.

Photo0560 Photo0561

Our Super Science Center for November was “Your Magnificent Mouth!”  Considering we can’t fill our tummies with Thanksgiving goodness without the help of our pearly-white chompers, this was an obvious choice for our Kids’ Korner scientists.  The center featured 2 typodonts (toy fake teeth) and super-sized toothbrushes, along with some dental floss and mirrors to compare our own teeth to the fake ones.  Also at this center were some dental radiographs (X-rays) that were kindly donated by the Middletown Dental Associates.  A poster that tells us how to brush our teeth the correct way and a variety of other DENTAL-related paperwork and books were also at this center.

Photo0562   Photo0564


Our Literacy Table had three enrichment centers.  The first center focused on Native American communication.  There was a small lesson about Native American Pictographs, with several examples of circular stories.  There was also a Native American Sign Language Center, with a great book of Native American Signs.  The ASL books were available for comparison to American Sign Language signs we have already learned during Kids’ Korner.

Photo0565 Photo0566 Photo0567

Our Storytelling Station was modified for the month of November with some monthly-theme related words to include in our oral accounts of a Thanksgiving Meal gone awry.

Photo0568 Photo0569

Our Creation Station challenged our participants to create a NEW ICONIC Thanksgiving Day Center-piece to rival the popularity of the Cornucopia.  Participants were asked to draw what it looks like and briefly describe its attributes.

Photo0570 Photo0571

Our Reading Center was chock-full of books to match our themes for the month.  Several Thanksgiving books were donated to our site by Rebecca Deotte, (former Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School parent).  We also had several Native American, Cowboy, American folklore, and horse-related books to fit in with our November themes.


Soon, November 2013 will be just a sweet memory.  We are looking forward to December (and anxiously awaiting the upcoming holiday season).  December’s theme is Celebrations Around the World and Cultural Competency.

Congratulations to Jazlynn who won our October Creation Station Challenge, by creating a new fruit/vegetable hybrid for the Fall Harvest.


Super Duper Supernatural Third Eyes…

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We see a LONG WEEKEND in our near future…and it’s AMAZING!

Don’t forget!  We have a half day this Wednesday to prepare us for the Thanksgiving Recess.  There will be NO SCHOOL on Thursday AND Friday.  Now THAT is something to be thankful for… 🙂





Fun Friday or Flop Friday????

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On this Fun Friday, we wore Greens and Browns for “DOUGH,” because we were supposed to make some dough which was supposed to make some bread.  Yeah, that didn’t happen….admittedly, this FUN FRIDAY should have been called a FLOP FRIDAY!  Even though we didn’t make home-made bread, we DID make some AWESOME one-ingredient ice-cream using some bananas that were donated to us from Macdonough School.  We cut them and froze them ahead of time, then introduced them to the food processor and VOILA, we had yummy soft-serve to snack on while we played multiple rounds of DANCE CENTRAL!



Super Science Wednesdays!

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Each Wednesday (while Wesleyan is in session), we are visited by volunteers from the Wesleyan Science Outreach Club.  Kids’ Korner participants in Grades 2-5 participate in this exciting academic enrichment club.  The college students have taught us a variety of scientific concepts, including nutrition, electricity, how our muscles work and the science of sound (to name a few!).  We are very lucky to have this special partnership with an amazing group of people.

Photo0494 Photo0495


Banana Bonanza! for Fun Friday! November 8, 2013

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This FUN FRIDAY we celebrated by dressing in YELLOWS for a BANANA BONANZA!

Bbbrrring!  Bbbbrrring!  Hello, Bananaphone!

Bbbrrring! Bbbbrrring! Hello, Banana-phone!

As usual, we were greeted in the morning by some KK kids who REALLY committed to the dress up day theme and were yellow ALL DAY at school.  Even Mr. Romeo was dressed in yellow!!!!


Here is our group photo!


The CATCH Nutrition Activity focused on healthy choices AND some mathematics.  We made Banana Parfaits, using the fruit layered with graham crackers, and fat-free vanilla yogurt.  We discussed partitioning to make fractions (halves, thirds, and quarters depending on the food item).  We also discussed our Math n’ Munch Pattern Project where we made AB patterns and moved onto ABC patterns while layering our three ingredients!

Photo0527 Photo0525 Photo0524

We talked about Whoa, Slow, Go!  The kids decided that the parfaits are a GO! snack, as they contain fat-free dairy, fruits, and grains.  The response to the food project was overwhelmingly positive.  Several children said that they would rather make this snack at home than eat other fatty unhealthy options.


Next week’s FUN FRIDAY theme is: “Rollin’ in the Dough.”  The Dress-Up theme is GREENS and BROWNS (both of which are the colors of “dough.”  The CATCH Nutrition Activity will be home-made biscuits in honor of National Bread Day!