Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

Anti-Picture Day! Our Latest Fun-Friday Theme! October 12, 2013

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This Fun Friday had only one requirement: Dress how you would NEVER dress for your school picture!


Some children truly committed  to the dress up theme and were WACKY TACKY  all day during school!

WackyTackyDay1 WackyTackyDay2

Others changed before arriving to KK! Here are some Wacky-Tacky Group Photos!

WackyTackyDay3 WackyTackyDay4 WackyTackyDay5 WackyTackyDay6

Jayden and Amya won the competition for Wackiest and Tackiest Outfits!

After our Wacky-Tacky photo-shoot, we moved on to our Weekly CATCH Nutrition activity.  We made Edible Bubba Teeth!  Using red apple slices, apple butter, and mini marshmallows we fashioned SMILES you would NEVER want on your school picture to keep with our Anti-Picture Day Theme!

WackyTackyDay7 WackyTackyDay8 WackyTackyDay9WackyTackyDay0 WackyTackyDay0a WackyTackyDay0b

Following our CATCH Nutrition Activity, the Youngers continued their Wacky-Tacky adventures by mixing more colors with a Color Chromatography Science Project.  Using coffee filters, washable markers, water, and pipettes, the children created “tye-dye” Chromatography Critters!


Next FUN FRIDAY’s Theme is “Incredibly Italian!” to celebrate Columbus Day!

The Dress-Up Theme is to wear the colors of the Flag of Italy (Green, White, Red).

And the CATCH Nutrition Activity will be Petite Pita Pizzas!


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