Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

The KKatMac Peace Table and L.I.T. Conflict Coaches! October 8, 2013

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You may have noticed a special secluded area in our Kids’ Korner Space.  This area is called our Peace Table.  It is a place that anyone can visit when they need to be alone.  If we feel angry or sad and need some privacy, the Peace Table gives us a place to collect our thoughts.  There is even a Guest Book that children can sign if they want to share their reason for visiting the Peace Table.

ImageThe Peace Table was painted by some Kids’ Korner participants a few years ago and holds a variety of “Increase the Peace” Materials.

We have Anger Squeezers!  These are stress balls that are made of foam.  If we feel irate, we can squeeze the Anger Squeezers as hard as we need to to relieve our stress.  Our newest Anger Squeezer is the Annoying Orange!


We have Play-Doh for the same reason!  Sometimes we even suggest modelling the dough into the person that makes you angry and then SQUISH it.  Hey, it actually works!


We have Whisper Microphones!  These Whisper Microphones are where we can quietly say the things we should NEVER say out loud.  If we say it out loud, it might hurt someone’s feelings, so we whisper it into the microphone instead to get it off of our chest.


There are a variety of mind games, puzzles and Mad Libs, that can be used to keep our minds off of things that are bothering us and move on to more interesting things.


We have a Calming Kitty!  It’s been scientifically proven that petting a cat can lower your blood pressure.  So if we are at Kids’ Korner and our blood pressure starts steaming, we can pet the Calming Kitty until we feel better.


We keep paper and crayons at the Peace Table too!  This way we can express our feelings by writing them down.  Also, if we are mad at someone, we can secretly write their name on the paper then crumple or rip it up.


We have a Book Basket!  It is filled with books about feelings and getting along with others.  If we are having a problem with our feelings, we can read one of the Peace Table Books to get insight about our own feelings.  Our favorite book is How Are You Peeling; Foods with Moods. We also have a Feelings Faces Poster in case we can’t express how we or our friends are feeling.


Let’s not forget the most important Staff Member at KKatMac, Seamore!  Seamore is our Tattletale Quintapus.  He eats the tattletales that aren’t that important.  If someone is hurt, we should always tell the staff…but if the tattletale is silly, Seamore will eat it right up!


We have Conflict Cards!  Our Conflict Cards have Four Questions:

1) What is the problem?

2) How do you feel?

3) What are some ways we can fix the problem?

4) What way to do we choose?

Children are encouraged to handle their disagreements by using these cards.  We have Olders (Leaders in Training) who have been taught to work as Conflict Coaches.  If they witness any Youngers involved in a manageable conflict, they step in and invite them to solve the problem at the Peace Table.

If you have any questions about the Peace Table, feel free to ask!


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