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Our Past Two Fun Fridays Were Full of Fall Harvest Fun! October 8, 2013

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On  September 27th, we celebrated Johnny Appleseed Day by dressing up in Apple Colors (reds, greens, and yellows). We shared a short story about Johnny and carried on with our Apple Day by making some Apple Snax for CATCH Nutrition.

We used granny smith apple slices, cheddar cheese and thinly-sliced deli ham.

They were scrumptious and represented THREE food groups!


We also did some Apple Science experiments using apple slices.  We put one slice in a cup marked “AIR,” one into a cup labelled “H2o,” one into a cup with Salt, and one into a cup with baking soda.  We let the slices set over the weekend and then checked them on Monday.  The salt preserved the food the best.  The other cups were just plain awful.

October 4:


On October 4th, Fun Friday was a Pumpkin Celebration!  We dressed in ORANGE OUTFITS! and made Healthy Pumpkin Snowball Cookies for our CATCH Nutrition Activity.

  IMG_9914IMG_9903 IMG_9905 IMG_9907

Chris and Haleigh won some Pumpkin Prizes for their Orange Outfits!


The Olders made the Pumpkin Snowball  Cookies and the Youngers enjoyed them along with the story, Sixteen Runaway Pumpkins.  The Youngers also made some Jack-o-Lantern art for the upcoming YMCA Halloween Carnival and played a few rounds of “The Pumpkin Ball.”  We learned the songs Five Little Pumpkins and Stirring the Porridge and shared some SPOOKY STORIES.

 IMG_9923  IMG_9920 IMG_9918IMG_9925 IMG_9921


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