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October’s Themes with Independent Learning Centers! October 8, 2013

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Themes for the month of October are:

Fall Harvest


Italian Americans and

Conflict Resolution

Our activities, clubs, independent learning centers, and themed book shelves will reflect these themes.

Take a look at our newest Independent Learning Centers.


A-“MAIZE”-ing Addition Math Monday Center!  Using un-popped popcorn kernels and construction paper ears of corn, the children complete a variety of addition flashcards that equate to 10 or less.  They put each addend in kernals on the ear and then count out the sum.  There are a variety of equations to work on.  This activity was completed on Monday with K and 1st.  We call it MONDAY MATH n’ MUNCH. Instead of kernels we used CANDY CORN.  The children completed several equations and then munched up the addends and sums.  Corny, but delicious!IMG_9980

Fall Shapes and Colors Sorting Station!  There are a variety of Fall Shapes in Various Fall Colors.  The children can choose how they would like to sort the shapes and colors using the new YELLOW SORTING WHEEL.  The available shapes are pumpkin, apple, leaf, and schoolhouse.  The colors are red, orange, yellow, and green.  Happy sorting!



The SUPER SCIENCE STATION boasts a variety beans, kernels, and seeds for SEED SCIENCE!  Because the Fall Harvest is upon us, we are going to explore many types of seeds that are harvested and dried out for the next growing season.  There are six different seeds to explore: kidney beans, corn kernels, mung seeds, grass seeds, radish seeds, and sunflower seeds.  Each tray is equipped with an extra-large magnifying lens to get a closer look at the varying seeds.



Our CREATION STATION Challenge for the month of October asks the children to invent their own Fall Harvest Fruit or Vegetable.  They have to describe its taste and appearance as well as give it a unique name.  Entries will be judged.  Who will create the most interesting edible invention?


The STORYTELLING STATION (with its story cubes) can also be found in the Literacy Center.  Children roll the cubes to reveal a character, a setting and a plot point.  Using the options, they have to weave a creative story for their friends to enjoy.  This month, the challenge is to create a story while making sure to include one of the following words  (based on the October Themes): Fall or Autumn, Harvest, Italian, Italy, or Conflict.


Our monthly-themed bookshelf is full of books based on the themes mentioned above.  To name a few, this month’s books include:


…..and much much more!


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