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KKatMac’s Fun Fridays Continue with National Punch Day! September 24, 2013

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National Punch Day is a REAL holiday, celebrated on September 20th, which just happened to be the date of our SECOND FUN FRIDAY of the 2013/2014 School Year.  We made party punch and had a FUNKY PARTY HAT Dress Up Day!


According to (another REAL thing), “The word “punch” allegedly comes from the Hindustani word “panch,” which means “five.” Punch, in it’s early days, was made from five ingredients.  In the early 1600s, sailors and employees of the British East India Company brought the new exotic drink from India to England.  Punch spread from country to country and became one of the most popular party drinks in the world. Today there are hundreds of different punch recipes.  Many of them still incorporate five key ingredients.”

Wow, who would have thought you would get such a cool history lesson in a kkatmac blog post?

Anyway, at KKatMac we celebrated National Punch Day by making a simple healthy punch for our CATCH NUTRITION activity.  We combined some triple-flavor sorbet with grape juice concentrate and seltzer water (that makes panch punch).  We called it our Fizzy, Frothy, Fruity, Punch and for our Dress Up Day theme, we had FUNKY PARTY HATS!  Some friends bought hats from home, but we had party hats to decorate with a variety of really fun (AKA really messy) art supplies.  Six participants went home with some cool party accessories for having the FUNKIEST Punch Party Hat at Kids’ Korner!

Check out more of the fun below!

 IMG_9710  IMG_9721 IMG_9722 IMG_9724




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