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KKatMac’s Fun Fridays Continue with National Punch Day! September 24, 2013

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National Punch Day is a REAL holiday, celebrated on September 20th, which just happened to be the date of our SECOND FUN FRIDAY of the 2013/2014 School Year.  We made party punch and had a FUNKY PARTY HAT Dress Up Day!


According to (another REAL thing), “The word “punch” allegedly comes from the Hindustani word “panch,” which means “five.” Punch, in it’s early days, was made from five ingredients.  In the early 1600s, sailors and employees of the British East India Company brought the new exotic drink from India to England.  Punch spread from country to country and became one of the most popular party drinks in the world. Today there are hundreds of different punch recipes.  Many of them still incorporate five key ingredients.”

Wow, who would have thought you would get such a cool history lesson in a kkatmac blog post?

Anyway, at KKatMac we celebrated National Punch Day by making a simple healthy punch for our CATCH NUTRITION activity.  We combined some triple-flavor sorbet with grape juice concentrate and seltzer water (that makes panch punch).  We called it our Fizzy, Frothy, Fruity, Punch and for our Dress Up Day theme, we had FUNKY PARTY HATS!  Some friends bought hats from home, but we had party hats to decorate with a variety of really fun (AKA really messy) art supplies.  Six participants went home with some cool party accessories for having the FUNKIEST Punch Party Hat at Kids’ Korner!

Check out more of the fun below!

 IMG_9710  IMG_9721 IMG_9722 IMG_9724




This Week’s FUN FRIDAY Theme Announced! September 16, 2013

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There is actually a holiday called National Punch Day and we are

going to celebrate it, KKatMac style.

The dress up theme will be PARTY HATS!



Each child will be given a cone Party Hat at K.K.

Using a variety of arts and crafts materials, the children will decorate their party hats during KK.

The COOLEST CAPS (One boy/One Girl) will get a prize!



Our CATCH Nutrition activity will be concocting some

Fizzy, Frothy, Fruity Punch!




Just Another Manic Monday….

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Nothing brightens our Monday Mornings more than some

KKatMac Kids with Super Style!

IMG_9613 IMG_9614

We LOVE it!


Patriotic Fun Friday! September 13, 2013

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Today was our first FUN FRIDAY!  We called it “Patriot Party,” in

honor of September 11th (which has been named, Patriot Day!).

Thanks to everyone who participated by dressing up in red, white, and blue today (and the parents that reminded them). Everyone looked fantastic. There were a lot of us!  There were two prizes awarded for the MOST PATRIOTIC PARTICIPANT.

Francisco won for the boys.  Genesis won for the girls.



We also made Patriotic Pizzas, using flour tortillas, Neufchâtel cheese, non-fat yogurt, and berries we cut all by ourselves.  Check out our healthy creations!  Here are the Youngers (Grades K-2) working on their Patriot Pizzas!

IMG_9540 IMG_9541 IMG_9542IMG_9544 IMG_9545 IMG_9548IMG_9547 IMG_9549 IMG_9550

Our Olders (Grade 3-5) also participated in the delicious treat!  They were able to identify all of the ingredients’ food groups before assembling their healthy snacks!

IMG_9552 IMG_9555 IMG_9557 IMG_9559 IMG_9560 IMG_9561

Our next FUN FRIDAY will be PUNCH PARTY in recognition of National Punch Day.  We will make a delicious Fruity, Fizzy, Frothy Punch and the Dress Up Day theme is CRAZY HAT DAY!


Building Community at KKatMAC!

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At Kids’ Korner, we have a list of monthly themes for the entire school year.  (If you are curious about them, a list is provided in the Parent Information Area). For September, one of our themes is Building Community!  We, at KKatMAC, understand that we are a community within another amazing community; The Macdonough School Community.  We will do anything we can to support our school.

Here we are mulching the school garden after school this week.

IMG_9519 IMG_9521 IMG_9523 IMG_9524 IMG_9526 IMG_9527


Patriot Party Fun Friday!! September 12, 2013

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Kids’ Korner Families….Don’t forget!

This Fun Friday (Sept. 13th), we are celebrating Patriot Day! 

We’ll be making Patriot Pizzas and dressing up in

Red, White, and Blue.  

There will be a prize for the most Patriotic





CONTEST TIME! September 9, 2013

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The YMCA Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School’s First Annual

                              “HEY, FOLLOW OUR BLOG!” CONTEST!


Here’s what you have to do!!!

  • Visit (Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School Blog)
  • Look in the lower right hand corner for the FOLLOW tab and CLICK on it!
  • Enter your EMAIL ADDRESS!
  • You will receive a confirmation email shortly after.
  • Open the email and click on the tab marked, “CONFIRM FOLLOW.”
  • We will receive an email showing us that you are now following the blog.
  • You will receive an email every time we update the blog.
  • This alone should be prize enough….but there’s actually more! On October 1st, all of the the confirmed email adresses will be put into a “hat” and one lucky follower will win…..



This contest is open to Kids’ Korner at Macdonough Families, Macdonough School Staff, or any of our Community Partners with a direct connection to our specific Kids’ Korner site. (Though, ANYONE may follow the blog at ANY TIME! Don’t let this stop you!). ALSO….Don’t be discouraged if you don’t win this contest’s prize. The Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School Blog will have other contests throughout the 2013/2014 school year including CAPTION CONTESTS and other FUN GAMES!