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Say Cheese!!! June 15, 2013

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Don’t Sleep On It…Spring Edition

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Register your child (ren) for Kids’ Korner 2013/2014 School Year before your site is full.

There have been some districting changes and you may not be at Macdonough next year.  We have other KK sites that fill up VERY quickly.  And while we will be sad that you won’t be with us at Macdonough, we’d be even more sad if you were unable to get into a Kids’ Korner site due to enrollment.

If you have any questions about registering your child, contact Amy Cardoza. (860) 343-6218


End of the Year Clean Up Yields Fun

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We cleaned our ART CABINET and found HUGE paper!!!!

IMG_7230 IMG_7233

Isn’t cleaning awesome?


Vernal Pool Creatures!

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Miss Lucy with Everyone Outdoors made her final visits of the School Year to Macdonough KK…

…and she brought some creepy crawlies from the vernal pool with her.

IMG_7104 IMG_7106


Rain Rain Go Away…

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After several days of being kept inside due to rainy miserable weather, we were finally able to get outside and enjoy some sunshiny warmth.

We celebrated by decorating the Black Top with colorful Sidewalk Chalk Art.

IMG_7253 IMG_7256 IMG_7257 IMG_7259


Friday Flag Day Celebration at Macdonough School!

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This Friday June 14th, Macdonough School held their annual Flag Day Celebration.  No amount of rainy weather could put a damper on these festivities.  The celebration was held in the school gymnasium, with several distinguished guests, staff and families in attendance.

This is also the time of year when Macdonough students are honored for their commendable Citizenship! We are extremely happy to announce that several of our Kids’ Korner at Macdonough School participants made the list of  Citizenship Awardees!

Congratulations Rena, Lucas, James, Daniel, Haley, and D’Andrew!  We are so proud of you!!!!

Here are some Kids’ Korner children showing their American Pride during the Flag Day Celebration.

David herm...I mean, Uncle Sam enjoys a Patriotic Punch provided by Melanie and Becca, from the Macdonough PTA.

David …eh herm…I mean, Uncle Sam enjoys a Patriotic Punch provided by Melanie and Becca, from the Macdonough PTA.

Daniel shows off all of his Stars and Stripes for the camera.

Daniel shows off all of his different Stars and Stripes for the camera.


KKatMac’s Third Annual Crayons for Cancer Donation! June 14, 2013

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On Wednesday, six Kids’ Korner at Macdonough Olders made the trek to Kid City Museum on Washington Street, to drop off our annual Crayons for Cancer donation.


Crayons for Cancer is a non-profit organization that takes old crayon donations and creates new crayons in fun colorful shapes, which they then re-sell. Money raised by these crayon sales supports children’s hospitals and young children with cancer. The new crayons are also donated to “treasure boxes” in the children’s hospitals, to bring smiles to the faces of their young patients!

Kids’ Korner at Macdonough has been participating in the Crayons for Cancer project for three school years.  Here is a picture from last year!!

photo 4

We begin the school year, by creating signs that ask Macdonough School staff and families to donate their old, un-used, and/or broken crayons by dropping them in a  donation box (decorated by the children) on site.

This box is placed at our Crayons for Cancer Peeling/Sorting Center, where the children peel the paper from EVERY crayon donation (in their spare time after Homework Club).  We even hold Peeling Competitions throughout the year!

When our peeled pile starts growing, we start sorting the crayons by color.  There are very specific color groups defined by the C4C guidelines.

In June, a select group of Olders gets to drop off the donation.  This year, it was Osiah, Gus, Derek, Dialinet, David, and Genesis.  The representative at Kid City was astounded by the MANY large bags of crayons we all carried in.


Great job, KKatMAC!!!

To learn more about Crayons for Cancer, visit their website!