Kids' Korner at Macdonough School

A Before and After School Program of the Northern Middlesex Y

Fun Fitness Friday! May 20, 2013

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While their peers went on a trip to CT Forest and Park, eight of our Olders spent their Friday afternoon having fun and being fit.  Our day started at the YMCA were Melanie surprised them with some cool new Y Fitness tee-shirts. Then we took a brisk walk to Harbor Park in Middletown.  We toured the park, learning about Christopher Columbus (from a very informative statue) and viewing some interesting art work.  We walked the length of the board walk, taking breaks occasionally to play tag and other games.  When we returned to the YMCA, we enjoyed the game room, some snack, and then went to the final swim lesson of the year.  Swim Lesson Report Cards are in the Kids’ Korner mailboxes.

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Graduation Day is Getting Closer and Closer…

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You know how people joke when you go on vacation, about trying to fit into your luggage so they can come along for the trip?

That is pretty much how we feel about our graduating 5th graders.

We’re trying to find a way to pack them up into the Kids’ Korner stuff so they can’t leave us.

Ha ha, just kidding!  …Though we are feeling emotional about saying goodbye, we are VERY PROUD of our Kids’ Korner 5th Graders!

Let’s make this next month memorable!


Feeling Dandy and Jumping for Joy!

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Just because…


Everyone Outdoors Field Trip!

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On Friday May 17th, children from our site were able to travel to the CT Forest and Park grounds for an Everyone Outdoors field trip with Lucy and a group of her volunteers. The children were able to explore the wooded areas and the vernal pools, as well as learn about some creatures that live in the vernal pools. The trip was a nice way to culminate the activities they’ve done at various points throughout the past two years.

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Swimming Swimmers who Swim…. May 14, 2013

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The Swimming Club (consisting of 11 of our Kids’ Korner Olders) has made it to the “Big Pool” at the Y.  At its deepest point, the big pool is 10 feet deep. All of the moves they learned in the shallow pool were brought along with us along with some new tricks.  Every child has had the chance to jump into the water and swim the length of this pool.  Following their class, the children are given 15 minutes of free swim in the “Small Pool.” This Friday, May 17th, will be our final day for swimming at the YMCA.  Thanks to Jen and Kate for being great teachers!

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Last Day of Wesleyan Science Outreach Club… May 6, 2013

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This Wednesday was the final day with our friends from the Wesleyan Science Outreach Club.  We wish them the best of luck on their finals and hope to see them again next school year.  So long for now!  We’ve had a lot of fun and learned a lot from you this year!  Thanks for all of your hard work!



Nature Learning with Everyone Outdoors!

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On Wednesday, the Youngers were able to explore the natural surroundings of Macdonough School and also examine some pond creatures with Lucy and her helper.  One group would walk around the school grounds while the other group explored the vernal pool creatures; then they’d switch.  The children were able to identify different plants, trees, and insects around the school that they had been shown in the past.  Great memory, guys!  With the vernal pool creature, the children were able to use pond scopes with magnifying lenses to further explore the different animals.  The children also used the scopes to magnify findings during their trek around the park. Some parents even took some time to check out the interesting pond creatures.

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