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Out-of-School-Time Flies When You’re Having Fun! April 10, 2013

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We can’t believe the end of the school year is so close. 

In less than three months, we’ll be saying farewell to our 5th Graders and welcome to the summer!

Let’s make these next few months count!

Osiah, enjoying Time Magazine in Miss Morello's comfy chair.

Osiah, enjoying  and article fromTime Magazine during Homework Time in Miss Morello’s big, comfy, not-at-all-hideous chair.


Kickin’ it in KidzMath!

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Here are some pictures of our Youngers enjoying their latest KidzMath Activity with Miss Morello!  Miss Morello joins us every Thursday for either KidzMath or KidzLit.

IMG_5596 IMG_5598  IMG_5600 IMG_5605 IMG_5611


Reading Rocks…and Flies! April 2, 2013

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Every Tuesday the Olders participate in the Kids’ Korner Reading Rocks Book Club.  The book we are reading for March and April is The Indian in the Cupboard by Lynne Reid Banks (as mentioned in a previous post). In the story, Omri (a young boy) finds that when he puts his toys into a cupboard, they magically become real.


Our activity today focused on creating a toy that is very much similar to the real thing, a paper airplane. We discussed that both real airplanes and toy airplanes fly because of four forces; lift, thrust, gravity and drag.  Following some discussion and demonstrations of tricks and stunts that can be done with a toy airplane, we made our own to bring home.

Photo0331 Photo0332

First we decorated both sides of a white piece of paper using colored pencils.  Then we folded the rectangular paper in the “dart” style paper airplane.  The rest of the afternoon was spent flying our toys around the cafeteria.


Math Mania Monday! April 1, 2013

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Today the Youngers participated in an activity that was Doubly Delicious. The Math Start book by Stuart J. Murphy called Double the Ducks was shared, followed by a doubling activity called Double the Dots.


First the children were given ten “dots” that they had to sort by color.  The “dots” were M&M candies. On their recording sheet there was a table.  They had to write down how many dots they had of each color in the SINGLE NUMBER column. Then using the techniques we learned for doubling in the storybook, they had to fill in the DOUBLE NUMBER column to show how many of each color they would have if they doubled their dots.


If their answers were all correct, they were rewarded with Double the Dots, which allowed them twenty M&Ms. After we finished the doubling activity, we enjoyed our tasty rewards.  Math concepts covered in this book and activity include sorting, counting, doubling by addition or times two, and using a comparison table; the math concept following the activity….Subtraction.  Sweet Sweet Subtraction. 🙂